When is the next open call?

Applications are now closed for the Jerwood/FVU Awards 2018. If you would like to be kept informed of our activities, including being notified when we reopen for applications next year, please sign up to our mailing lists below. We will also publicise future dates via Jerwood Visual Arts and FVU's social media channels.

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Who is it for?

The awards are for artists, or collaborative groups working in the moving-image who are within five years of beginning their professional artistic practice. There is no age limitation, or particular educational requirements, but we will not accept applications from people who are undertaking a higher education programme of study (whether part or fulltime), at the time of application, or at any point until May 2018. Applicants need not be British Nationals, but they must have the legal right to work in the UK, must have been resident within the UK for at least three years and must be resident within the UK for the duration of the development and production period, through to the close of the exhibition at Jerwood Space in June 2018. We will only accept one application per person or collaborative group.

What are the selection panel looking for in applications?

We are looking for applicants to address the curatorial theme in innovative, bold, exciting and thought-provoking ways. Responses to the Awards’ theme should be as detailed as possible covering both the ideas behind the work, as well as the practicalities of how they might be realised. The proposal could include information about how the budget might be spent (at the very least the proposal must be clearly realisable within the budget), what cast and/or crew might be required, or details of the locations you might want to work in, to name but a few of the considerations that the application might mention. There is only a 10-month development and production period, so the more fully formed your ideas are, the easier it will be for us to envisage what it is that you might want to make, and see how we might help you realise it. Should you be selected for the Awards, we will not however hold you to the letter of what you say in your application; within the 10-month development and production period we will encourage your ideas to shift and grow. We aim for the development and production period to be of significant benefit to the artists selected to experiment with new and ambitious ways of working, in order to produce a step-changing piece of work for them. Therefore we will be looking for artists within whose work we see the potential for progression in both their practice and profile.

Who is the programme run by?

The Jerwood/FVU Awards are a collaboration between Jerwood Charitable Foundation and FVU, in association with University of East London, School of Arts and Digital Industries.

Can I submit more than one application?

Only one application will be accepted per person or collaborative group.

Are there any costs involved?

A submission fee of £10 will be charged to you once you have submitted your application form, before we will process it. This contributes to the costs of managing the submissions process. Submissions will not be processed without payment of the submission fee.

What are the time commitments involved?

Should you be successful in your application to the Awards, we will require a considerable time commitment from you. This is part of the reason why we will not consider an application from anyone who is currently undertaking a higher education programme of study (whether part or fulltime). Please keep in mind the key dates (shown above) and ensure you can commit enough time within the timeframe of the Awards to production of the work, as well as to the exhibition installations and to promoting your work with us. £4,000 of the £20,000 budget will be paid to you as a fee to buy in this time from you. However, please do not apply if you do not feel you will be able to commit an appropriate amount of time to this scheme.

If my application is successful, will I be paid a fee?

Yes. Of the £20,000 budget, £4,000 will be paid to the successful applicants as a fee, and the remaining £16,000 is the production budget.

What support is available if I need assistance with my application?

If your question is not answered within this FAQ section, FVU staff will be available to respond to any additional questions that you may have throughout the application process. However, we have a small team, so if you only request assistance in the last three days before the deadline for applications then we cannot guarantee to get back to you before the deadline, due to a high volume of applications that we typically receive in this period. Therefore we strongly recommend submitting your application well in advance of the deadline, in case any questions arise when you are completing the form. For questions about your application please email: admin@fvu.co.uk.

Can I apply this year if I have applied in previous years?

Yes. We strongly encourage applications from those who have applied in previous years. We receive a great volume of strong applications each year which forces difficult decisions to be made. Just because you might not have been successful in one year does not mean that we are not interested in your work.

Will I get feedback on my application?

Due to the high volume of applications that we receive we are unable to provide individual feedback to applicants.