Jerwood FVU

‘Neither One Thing or Another’ Application Q&A

Wednesday 24 February, 5.30pm - 8pm
Jerwood Space

The Jerwood/FVU Awards are major awards for moving-image artists in the first five years of their practice.  The fourth edition of the awards is called Neither One Thing or Another and is open to applicants from 12 January – 11 March 2016. 

Artists interested in submitting an application for the awards are invited to book a one-to-one appointment with a representative from Jerwood Visual Arts or FVU.  Appointments are available with the following members of staff, all of which are able to answer questions about the selection process, provide feedback on applications, in addition to offering advice on the following specialist subject areas:

The curatorial theme: Steven Bode, Director, FVU 

What makes a successful application: Shonagh Manson, Director, Jerwood Charitable Foundation, Susanna Chisholm, Operations Director, FVU and Oliver Fuke, Gallery Manager, Jerwood Visual Arts 

The production process: Alix Taylor, Productions Officer, FVU 

Exhibition and presentation formats: Mike Jones, Technical Manager, FVU 

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