Jerwood FVU

Jerwood/FVU Awards
‘2022 Edition’

Jerwood/FVU Awards continues its programme of enabling early career moving-image artists to bring their work to ever-wider audiences, with the announcement that the 2022 recipients are Soojin Chang and Michael. Both artists have been commissioned by the Jerwood/FVU Awards to develop and showcase two ambitious, large-scale projects. These projects coincide with the launch of an exciting new partnership with Leeds Art Gallery during the 10th anniversary year of the prestigious awards.

The 2022 Jerwood/FVU Awards recipient artists Soojin Chang and Michael. have taken an inventive and wide ranging approach to ideas of difference and inclusion. In Soojin Chang’s case, BXBY is a radical, semi-fictional work which explores the fusion of interspecies life, and Michael.’s film cleave to the BLACK depicts through the form of a moving-image triptych, the continuing legacy of Black male experience.

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