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Cookies are small text files that are saved on your computer by the websites you visit. They enable those websites to identify you as a single continuous user. We use cookies for two purposes: to facilitate certain functions of the website and to analyse the use of the website to help us decide how best to invest our resources and make improvements. For example, it is useful to us to see which pages of the site are most popular, how many pages people visit and in what order, and where they are being referred from (such as social media platforms or other websites).

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We use Google Analytics and its reports to help us make analyses about the use of our website. This data is anonymous, so we cannot personally identify a visitor. Google Analytics uses its own cookies in order to facilitate this function. Find out more about how Google uses cookies here.

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Video and audio content on the Jerwood/FVU Awards website is hosted by Vimeo and Soundcloud respectively, which both place cookies on your computer when you play a video or audio file. We use the statistics gathered by Vimeo and Soundcloud to analyse how many people have viewed/listened to our content and to see which recordings are proving the most popular. Again, this knowledge is used to help us evaluate our work and decide how best to invest our time and resources in the future. Find out more about how these services use cookies at Vimeo and SoundCloud.


Application fees for the Jerwood/FVU Awards are paid online using PayPal, which uses cookies in order to function. Find out more about PayPal’s use of cookies here.

Can I switch off Cookies?

You can disable or erase cookies in your browser settings. If you do this, some of the website may function normally, but your experience is likely to be affected - particularly when making an application to the Awards.

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