Jerwood FVU

Jerwood/FVU Awards 2012 2013
‘Tomorrow Never Knows’

Artists were invited to consider their own individual ‘projects for the future’ against a backdrop of ‘futures past’, offering reminders of the fleeting nature or the untapped potential of earlier manifestations of the future. The title ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ reflects both on our appetite for making predictions, and on the uncertainties of futurology. Offering a showcase for artists for whom a bright future could confidently be anticipated, the project rewound back to moments in history when a particular style or aesthetic was deemed to be the wave of the future, harking back to tomorrows that never quite happened, whilst also revisiting and re-appraising them.

In 2011 four artists, Ed Atkins, Emma Hart, Naheed Raza and Corin Sworn, were selected to receive £4,000 development bursaries, and production support from FVU, to develop prototypes for larger scale works. These prototype works were then exhibited at Jerwood Space, London in 2012. Following the exhibition two artists, Ed Atkins and Naheed Raza were each selected to receive a £20,000.00 commissioning bursary each, to realise their proposed works. The two new commissions were exhibited at Jerwood Space, London and CCA, Glasgow in 2013.

The Jerwood/FVU Awards 2012 2013: ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ were a collaboration between Jerwood Arts and FVU in association with CCA, Glasgow.

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