Jerwood FVU

Jerwood/FVU Awards 2014 2015
‘What Will They See of Me?’

Artists were invited to consider their desire for and pursuit of visibility, at a time when we produce so many images that it is increasingly hard for artists to stand out from the crowd.

As more and more photos, videos and web clips go into circulation and compete for our attention, which will be the ones that will make it through to the future, and what, in turn, might the future make of them? Social media and online video sharing platforms offer unprecedented opportunities for people to broadcast themselves to the world but also leave inadvertent traces whose presence may continue to be felt. As the lines between public and private continue to blur, what are the actual marks we leave - in the present  and for posterity - in this new universe of information?

In 2013 four artists, Lucy Clout, Kate Cooper, Anne Haaning and Marianna Simnett were selected to receive £4,000 development bursaries and production support from FVU, to develop prototype works for larger scale commissions. These prototypes were exhibited in 2014 at Jerwood Space, London, and CCA, Glasgow as part of Glasgow International. Following the exhibitions, two artists, Lucy Clout and Marianna Simnett were selected to each receive a £20,000 commissioning bursary, to realise their proposed works. The two newly commissioned works were exhibited in London and Glasgow in 2015.

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