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Corin Sworn

Corin Sworn was one of the four artists selected for the first stage of the inaugural Jerwood/FVU awards in 2012. Her short video, As the Mark Strays is an atmospheric piece of speculative fiction highly suited to that year’s theme and title, ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’. Set in a workaday photo-archive of the not-too-distant future, where researchers routinely gauge and grade an extraordinary plethora of images, Sworn imagines how the traces we leave today might be interpreted differently in retrospect. 

The work was exhibited at Jerwood Space, London, 14 March - 22 April 2012.



As the Mark Strays, 2012
8 minues, 34 seconds
HD video, mixed media

Information is not inherently meaningful, it needs to be contextualised and processed to have any sense and perhaps the means by which we process information are somewhat open. Perhaps these are moments when we delay understanding, deny our attention or misinterpret the signs around us for our own purposes? Or are we ourselves more units within the constant circulation of matter and ideas that shift and course across the globe?

Sworn presents a loose collection of fragments for a future video, one that is part science fiction and part paranoid conspiracy thriller.

Corin Sworn is interested in the means by which artifacts are borrowed, adapted and reconfigured to tell various stories. Her work often explores the alternate narratives that cultural products might develop through use. Sworn is interested in hierarchies of attention, the systems that order these and how the erratic nature of subjective perception might undermine them.

“It is possible to see one crucial aspect of modernity as an ongoing crisis of attentiveness, in which changing configurations of capitalism continually push attention and distraction to new limits and thresholds, with an endless sequence of new products, sources of stimulation and streams of information and then respond with new methods of managing and regulating perception.” - Jonathan Crary

As the Mark Strays was commissioned as part of the Jerwood/FVU Awards: Tomorrow Never Knows, a collaboration between Jerwood Arts and Film and Video Umbrella in association with CCA, Glasgow. FVU is supported by Arts Council England.

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Stills, ‘As the Mark Strays’

Jerwood Space, 14 March – 22 April 2012

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